Friday, June 1, 2007

Stockamöllan airport

Welcome to Stockamöllan airport. We have daily flights to the swamp.

"This is your capatain speaking. We are waiting for permission to taxi out on the runway and hope to be airbourne in a few minutes".

" This is the control tower. Dragon fly air 212 you have permission to take off"

"This is your capatain speaking. We are ready for take off. Please fasten your seat belts".

"We are now airbourne. The estimated time to the swamp is 20 minutes. Please remain seated until the fasten seat belt sign is switched off " . Note that this is a non smoking flight.

1 comment:

mossygreen said...

Jösses vilka vackra sländor du lyckats fånga på bild och vilket roligt inlägg!!!! Fasten sitbelts smoking!!!! hihi Kul....det här var snyggtjobbat Jeanette!